Yanshun Chen

Chairman & Chairman of Executive Committee, BOE Technology Group



Speech Abstract:

Promoting High-quality Development Together through Deepening Industrial Integration

Since the birth of personal computer, we have experienced the era of Internet and Mobile Internet, and the phenomenal applications such as smartphones and tablets emerged accordingly. Now,as the continuous upgrading of semiconductor and display technology, these two industries are deeply integrating and promoting with each other. It is mainly reflected in three aspects:

Firstly, the diversifying technology and the improving performance of display industry are giving higher demands to advanced semiconductor technology.

Secondly, the accumulated technological experience and manufacturing process from display industry are offering supports to semiconductor technology manufacturing process.

Thirdly, the continuous growth of display-related scenarios are providing broader market opportunities to the semiconductor industry.

At present, facing to the trillion-level market of Internet of Things, BOE has innovatively proposed the "Empower IoT with Display" strategy, which is promoting the industries in terms of industrial integration, high-quality and sustainable development…